Struggling to design your dream beach hideout?

Create the perfect seaside sanctuary or vacation property with the right design and development support.

Creating the perfect beach holiday home or permanent seaside sanctuary comes down to how your space complements the environment.

Even if you’ve found an idyllic, secluded spot by the beach, getting your home right plays a huge role in how much you enjoy your getaway.

A beach house needs to be designed and built to give you stunning vistas of the ocean and easy access to sandy shores.

If you don’t know how to enhance natural elements, make the most of your surroundings, or fit into your unique ecological environment, the beach home you’ve always dreamed of may fall short of your expectations.

At RNB Design Solutions, we help you create the perfect beach home; one that allows you to tap into a dreamy seaside lifestyle.

Explore our services and start envisioning the space that will inspire you every day.

Beach house designs and builds we’ve been a part of

Waratah Bay

Creating the beach homes you’ve seen in magazines

A beach house design that inspires you to live every day to the fullest and fills you with peace comes down to balancing your needs with the environment.

With our range of design, architectural drafting and property development services, here’s how we help you get one step closer to that kind of life.

Other services we provide

If you require more comprehensive design and architectural planning support, we can lend a helping hand with the following components.

You’re one call away from your ticket to happiness—a stunning beach house design.

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