Building Permit Application Support Melbourne, Victoria

Not sure why you’re failing to secure building permits?

RNB provides Building Permit Application Support Melbourne, Victoria. City council approval is easier to come by when you work with professionals with a high success rate.

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Before you can even envision enjoying your new home or office space, there’s one tricky hurdle you need to clear: securing approval for your building permit.

This process is not always straightforward. There are planning schemes, zoning information, overlays and other elements you need to factor in. If you’re new to this, gathering the right information and figuring out how to submit it can be a major hassle as well.

Without the right knowledge or support, you could waste a lot of time trying to get things right.

If you’re short on time or want to get things right the first time, working with experts who have a high success rate of securing council approval on the first try can expedite the process.

This is one of the services we support you with, here at RNB Design Solutions.

At RNB Design Solutions, our team has a 100% success rate at receiving council approval for building permit applications.

How do we help you secure your permits?

Given our 15+ years of experience in the industry, we know what it takes to submit a strong application.

Here’s how we go about getting your building permits in Melbourne approved.

  • We help you understand, and support you with, the town planning application process (if relevant)
  • We give you a complete checklist of documents you will need to support your application
  • We work with you to come up with the drawings, specifications, and allotment plans you need
  • We help you complete the application form with all the relevant information

Get in touch and work with our team to bid goodbye to rejected building permits—forever.

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