Building Project Management

Wasting hours and energy managing your building projects?

Leave your building project management to a team with over 15 years of experience, based on Melbourne, VIC.

Building project management can be a draining process when you don’t have enough insights into the design, planning, and development stages of a project. 

In addition to being involved in each stage of this process, you’re also stuck managing the nitty-gritty elements of everything that’s happening.

This likely means that you’re scrambling to achieve all three metrics of project success: cost, quality and delivery. 

When your project is managed by professionals who understand the inner workings of the industry, this process is easier. They bring their insights together to manage the various parts of your building project and leave you free to make the big decisions.

When you work with our team at RNB Design Solutions, we take control of every element of building project management. We do the hard work so you don’t have to.

52% of building project reworks are caused by poor data and miscommunication—two obstacles you can eliminate with effective project management.

What do our building project management processes look like?

Our building project management services are driven by our need to help you complete your buildings on time, within budget, and at a level of quality you’re happy with. 

  • We help you specify your project objectives and plan your budget and schedule
  • We guide you through choosing project management models like design-bid-build and design-build
  • We work with you to establish performance requirements and select the right subcontractors
  • We improve your resource efficiency by helping you procure labour, materials and equipment
  • We coordinate the planning, designing, estimating, and contracting processes
  • We set appropriate communication and dispute resolution mechanisms in place

You’re a call away from executing profitable building projects with a team of skilled project managers.

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