June 29

Can the right home design improve your quality of life?

For many people, one of the biggest achievements is to live the kind of lifestyle they envision for themselves.

Naturally, this is influenced by different factors like education, income, the wealth at our disposal, and socio-economic backgrounds, among many other factors.

One factor that is often left out of the conversation, however, is our homes—more specifically the design of our homes.

People who are aware of the effect our living spaces have on us tend to invest time and resources in creating a well-designed home. Good design is the primary reason why we even have celebrity home designers!

Despite these trends, however, many are still in the dark about how a well-designed sanctuary can improve the quality of their lifestyle. In this post, we explore why taking the time to mould your home in line with who you are is in your best interests.

Custom home designs that enhance your way of life

Our lifestyles are influenced by our preferences, passions and values. These qualities should also be reflected in our homes; they are, after all, an extension of who we are.

Most home designs, while functional, do not reflect or enhance our ways of life—even if they support them. They are often not designed in line with our specific needs, preferences and hobbies.

Homes with a custom design, however, reflect our personality, especially when you work with a design specialist who understands your vision. By being congruent with our lifestyle, these spaces help us live life on our own terms and enjoy every minute of it.

Professionally designed homes are sustainable and energy-efficient

Sustainability and energy efficiency are two major factors that influence our quality of life today. 

A well-designed home will factor in its energy consumption and make it an energy-efficient home from the get-go, improving your health and reducing long-term electricity costs.

On top of that, if your designer is also responsible for developing your home, they can use environmentally friendly and non-toxic building material to create a more sustainable, nourishing space.

Good design ensures accessibility and adaptability

As humans, our needs and expectations evolve as we go through different phases of our lives. 

Kids, for example, have specific needs, such as safety. As they grow up, their needs and expectations change to reflect their personality and needs, like privacy. 

Our sanctuaries, too, should adapt and evolve to accommodate our needs and expectations. A well-designed home will ease the transition as we go through different phases of life, helping us become who we want to be.

A good design will also improve accessibility for you and your family across age, physical ability and health. With increased accessibility, you can maintain an independent lifestyle while staying connected to the people around you. 

Custom home designs can also help you lead a healthier life 

Our health has a major bearing on the kind of life we live. 

Many people, however, overlook the fact that our environments also have a profound effect on our mental and physical health. A healthy residential environment is all the more important now that we spend a lot of our time at home thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has made residential wellness design a trend.

Custom designed homes consider the ergonomics of every occupant. They also marry elements of nature with our homes and create an environment that is tranquil and inviting. 

Great home designs can improve your quality of life 

Our homes are perhaps the most valuable material asset in our lives, making them an influencing factor when it comes to our quality of life.

A good design, therefore, plays a critical role in improving how you and your loved ones enjoy your everyday life.


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