May 27

Should you work with building designers to create your dream home?

We shape our homes, and our homes shape us.

This quote sums up just how important our homes are to us and how they impact who we are. After all, the home is where we start discovering our potential, our possibilities, and the relationships we can build with the people we care about.

In fact, research shows that the majority of Australians spend most of their time at home. This means our homes need to be warm, welcoming, inspirational, and stress-free.

The fact of the matter is, many people overlook the impact their home’s design and layout have on who they are, leading to design elements added without a thought for sustainability, functionally, or balance.

At RNB Design Solutions, we believe in a home with a design that helps occupants live the kind of lifestyle they want.

That’s why as professional home designers, we are committed to creating spaces that are in tune with your vision, your values, and your potential. Here’s why working with us may be a good idea for your new home project.

A stress-free designing and building experience

One of the trickiest steps when it comes to designing a new home is getting your planning and building permits from the city council.

As professional designers and developers, we make this process as easy as possible for our clients. We ensure all our home designs adhere to the design requirements put in place by the government and our results speak for themselves.

In our ten years in the industry, we’ve designed and developed over 300 projects, and 99.2% of these designs have been greenlit by the authorities on the first submission!

A design philosophy centred on you

Our primary belief is that our homes are an extension of ourselves. They should be tailored to meet the specific requirements you have for your sanctuary.

To meet these needs, we work closely with our clients to identify their accessibility requirements, physical requirements, and ergonomic requirements, allowing us to create custom home designs that address every need they have.

Our design philosophy and attention to detail allow us to create spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, merging two qualities we see lacking in most modern homes.

Whether you want a ranch-style sanctuary or a minimalist and contemporary solo pad, our design support helps you create a space that is aligned with what you want.

As part of this process, healthy building elements are just as important to us, and we make sure the homes we design uplift your health.

Moreover, our designs can adapt to your evolving needs and requirements, which means our projects have a lifetime value.

A home that’s good for you—and the environment

As professional designers, another one of our goals is to create sustainable living spaces for our clients.

When designing your new home, we incorporate thermal and energy-efficient elements, helping you enjoy a home that’s not just good for you, but good for the environment too.

We are well-versed in first-rate thermal performance and 10-star energy efficiency designs, which means our plans and blueprints, when executed, keep our clients cosy and comfortable while saving money on energy bills.

Choose RNB Design Solutions to create the home of your dreams!

Our homes are arguably one of our biggest investments in life, if not the biggest investment.

If you neglect the design aspect when you’re building your new home, and don’t entrust its development to professionals who don’t understand your vision, you’re not going to enjoy the best returns on your investment.

At RNB Solutions, we specialise in creating spaces that meet your unique needs, making your dream house a reality.

We also provide building development services to ensure your home looks just as good in real life, as it does on paper.


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