April 15

Choosing The Ultimate Style Layouts For Your House Plans

Before getting started with your floor plan for your new home, it is absolutely imperative that you explore the endless amount of options that are available to you. By doing so, you can ensure that your house plans will provide a finalized project that will exceed your expectations. A floor plan is a simple line drawing which shows the rooms in your house, as if you were viewing it from above. Walls, doorways and windows are all drawn to scale and you can get a true image of what will be created as floor plans show you the size and perimeter of your new home. However, there are different style layouts for your house plans that will cater to your desires.

Multi-Level Home

One of the most popular style layouts for house plans is for a multi-level home, whether it be two-story, three – or split-levels and split-foyers. Multilevel homes are typically a mixture of styles as they can be customized to fit your needs and building issues, such as difficult land or property lot. Style layouts for these kind of homes are often far from basic because as mentioned, all of your special requirements and desires can be implemented which strays the floor plan from looking anything generic. As a result, you’re left with a truly unique and phenomenal home.

Townhouse Floor Plans

Townhouses are typically two stories tall but can go up to four and sometimes even higher. These homes are usually repeated in rows and attach to other units. However, upon building the structure, you can opt for a style layout that will place your desired rooms in areas of your choice.

Loft Style

Depending on the region, a Loft style layout may be called something else, but this is certainly the most popular terminology for this style of home. The floor plans consist of a master bedroom suite located on the first floor, with all other bedrooms remaining on the second floor. Although it may sound similar to a two-story home, the placement of the bedrooms is what differentiates this style layout from others.

Conventional Ranch Home

A conventional ranch style layout consists of a one-story floor plan. All bedrooms are located in one side or area of the home, which makes them opposite to the general use rooms, such as the kitchen, recreation room, dining room etc. Sometimes a conventional ranch style layout can offer a second floor, but they are typically used strictly for storage or as an extra loft-style room. A popular shape for conventional Ranch homes is the L-Shape which allows the master bedroom to be separated from the others.

Choosing a floor plan for your dream home isn’t always an easy task. After all, it’s your dream home and you don’t want to leave any room for error. Choose the ultimate floor plan that will provide everything that you desire from your new residence.


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