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Commercial property designs for a productive workplace

Commercial properties and offices have changed dramatically throughout history, from simple buildings that housed workers to more sophisticated spaces that offer an enriching and productivity-enhancing work environment for employees.

In line with this trend, designing a commercial property today is often more challenging than designing a home; unlike a residence, your workspace requires a plan and layout that meets multiple needs. 

The fact is, our work environment has a direct impact on our performance and decision-making; knowing the right design principles, therefore, allows you to create offices or buildings that improve efficiency and productivity across your team. 

Create a transparent and glass-based interior

In the past, commercial property designs generally employed generic and walled-off spaces by adding walls to divide rooms and cubicles.

While this design was the standard and was meant to provide employees with a greater degree of privacy, it also made them feel constricted or walled off—a productivity-killer over time.

Today, one great alternative to this is a building featuring large, expansive windows and glass walls between rooms while keeping certain areas like conference rooms and other select spaces private.

This glass wall design allows employees to be more aware of their surroundings and feel more connected to their environment, helping them see and engage with each other instead of feeling isolated.

Set up a green roof for your meetings

Green roofs are gardens built into the roofs of buildings, using a layer of soil and roots as a base. 

They are self-sustaining and can even be fitted with their own irrigation and drainage system, and are usually built over a waterproof membrane to prevent any moisture from seeping into the building.

These roofs can be excellent spots for meetings, with the plant life and natural greenery instilling a sense of calm and improving morale. 

Being in a natural environment during brainstorming sessions can even boost your team’s creativity.

Green roofs also regulate the temperature inside the building by absorbing heat on hot days and releasing the heat stored up when it’s cold; they’re also great for sound insulation. 

This is especially beneficial for a workplace as it helps reduce outside noise that could otherwise disrupt employees. 

Design executive offices in the centre

Sometimes productivity can be affected by how quickly your teams can communicate with each other.

Certain commercial buildings tend to use complex layouts that designate executive offices at various points throughout the building, which may make it difficult for employees to navigate when they want to discuss something. 

By locating executive offices in the centre of the building, it improves the flow of movement in your space. This option also works well for small businesses since they have fewer executive offices, making it easier to incorporate this design into their layout.

The glass wall concept can be used in tandem with this kind of workspace and will give employees a clear line of sight in terms of where everything is located.

Maximise natural light

Natural light has been proven to elevate moods and improve employee productivity.

Designing a building to bring in more natural light can be achieved by giving it a particular shape; L- and U-shaped buildings, for example, enhance light since external walls are exposed to natural light.

Designing straight corridors also allows light travel with little to no inhibition in the workplace. This kind of structural arrangement works better for large commercial buildings.

The right commercial property design can create an enriching and energising work environment

A commercial building is not just a place where you get work done; it’s also a place where people come together, share their ideas, and grow; a good building design can enhance these aspects in the workplace.
If commercial design is not your forte, working with professional building designers can help you create a space that hits all the right notes.


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