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Design your dream house: Popular design features for contemporary homes

Everyone wants to live in a home that reflects who they are and one that meets their needs—the fact is, we all want a dream home.

A dream house isn’t simply a fantasy, though. It’s a home that, with the right design choices, can be brought to reality.

To design your dream house, however, you need to have a good idea of the features and design options available to you and the kind of effect they have on the final outcome. 

For most modern homes, contemporary designs are proving to be popular and for good reason; many of these features guarantee greater sustainability, style and convenience in any new space.

Feature flat roofs in your design

While flat roofs seem uber modern, it’s actually been around as a design concept since ancient times. Today, these roofs have become an iconic feature of contemporary homes.

Aside from their aesthetic appeal, they can also be highly useful, functioning as a roof deck where you can create an open-air space for relaxation and fresh air.

Flat roofs also allow you to maximise interior space. Since they eliminate sloping ceilings, rooms like attics and second-floor bedrooms can be designed to be much larger.

Installing and maintaining sustainable home features like solar panels and miniature wind turbines are also much easier when your home features a flat roof.

Connect indoor and outdoor spaces

Another common feature of contemporary homes is blended spaces that connect the interior with the outside world.

This is done in many ways, like including balconies into your design that oversee the surrounding landscape or creating an indoor garden in the middle of the living room. If balconies are not a practical option, large windows are a great alternative.

Another clever way to connect your indoor and outdoor spaces is to extend the ceiling. Stretching the ceiling to cover your home’s garden will allow you to maintain the same floor plan but combine the two spaces more seamlessly.

A simpler idea is to have a large skylight, preferably over the living room or dining room, which will give you an unrestricted view of the heavens and make your indoor space feel much more spacious and opulent. 

Use every nook and cranny

Storage is an issue most homeowners are familiar with. Sometimes, traditional storage spaces like cabinets and wall cupboards just aren’t enough.

Contemporary home designs combat this issue by making sure every inch of the home is serving a purpose; this means any vacant spaces should be designed for storage or for other uses.

Small, narrow areas can easily be converted into trunks or lockers for storing clothing and sports equipment while spaces under the main staircase can be designed to be a small wardrobe.

Even a tiny space in a corner can be made into a workspace where you can have all your office equipment, like your computer and printer, set up.

Blend different spaces together

Every space in your home has a specific purpose and in most traditional houses, every room is kept separate. 

Using an open floor plan, however, you can minimise the use of walls and create a seamless interior that combines different areas together. For example, you can blend the kitchen with the dining room and living room or fuse the home library with your study room.

Blending spaces together can also reduce the number of walls in your home and it makes getting from one room to the other much faster and easier. 

This design feature also encourages more interactions between you and your loved ones and helps you feel more connected to each other. 

Design your dream house and make your fantasy home a reality

With the right design choices, your home can be everything you dreamed it would be and more.

By including contemporary features and styles in your home’s plan, you can enjoy a stylish, modern space that brings you and your loved ones plenty of companionship and comfort. 

Get in touch with professional building designers in your area to design your dream house; one that’s not just reflective of your needs but complements your surroundings as well.


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