Duplex Design & Dual Occupancy Design

Design living spaces that boast comfort and affordability

Help renters fall in love with stunning dual occupancy project homes.

Designing and developing a living space that can function as a dual occupancy home means you need to balance elements like space, practicality, and privacy across both units.

In a specifically designed space, buyers or renters won’t feel like they’re in the same property. Their unit will be an island in which they find their rest, solitude and relaxation, regardless of the layout of their home.

At RNB Design Solutions, we have experience designing and developing residential properties, which, while divided into two units, possesses both a classic and utilitarian design.

Secure Council Approval for the Ideal Blend of Affordability and Well-Designed Comfort with our Duplex and Dual Occupancy Services

Duplex design and dual occupancy houses we've designed

Ramu Parade, Heidelberg West

Deakin Street, Bentleigh East

Stevens Street, Highett

Marie Avenue, Heidelberg Heights

Noble Street, Noble Park

Sandala Court, Dandenong North

Perfect duplex designed spaces

Tackling Dual Occupancy and Duplex Design Challenges? We Provide Practical & Professional Support

Learn how we help you balance various project and council requirements without sacrificing style and comfort.

Other services we provide

If you require end-to-end design, building planning, and property management support, our team can also provide you with the following services.

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