April 12

Energy Efficient Building Ideas

Energy efficient building designs are highly on the rise due to their decreased carbon footprint, but also because of their ability to decrease the dollar amount on your monthly bills. Sustainable house designs have endless benefits and allow the homeowner to enjoy the built-in savings that are easily achieved by opting for certain elements that will deter problems and energy use, all the while giving you a quality, stunning property that is also affordable. There are a variety of easy ideas to implement into your home design prior to it being built, and you should certainly consider them.

Windows and doors are one thing that will make a huge difference in the energy efficiency of your home, and having poor windows can suck the energy right out of your home. Quality windows and doors will help keep the energy that you’re paying for inside of your home. You’re not paying to let your air conditioning seep outside, so you certainly shouldn’t pay for poor quality windows that do just that. Opting for window coverings and shades will also provide an added dose of insulation.

The foundation of your home should have great importance as it will play a vital part in the energy efficiency of your home. Insulated concrete forms will keep your energy within your home while un-insulated basements can waste 30% of the energy that you’re paying for. That’s not to mention that poor insultation often results in a lack of air sealing which can also drastically increase your energy bills. The majority of energy will escape from the ceiling or attic, which is why insulation all around your home is imperative to energy efficiency and your roof should have structural insulated panels.

The products that you choose to put into your home should also be considered. Since sustainable living has become a huge trend, a variety of appliances have been created to promote energy efficiency. Everything from your light bulbs, toilet, and major appliances such as your refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer etc. has an energy efficient alternative and this is certainly something to consider if you desire endless savings throughout your energy efficient home.

There are also smaller products that you can opt for once you move into your new sustainable design house. Tech gadgets now have solar-powered chargers available which will decrease your energy use, and even the kind of dishwasher soap you purchase can play a part in your desire to live an energy efficient and Eco friendly lifestyle. The place where you should definitely place high importance on is certainly the way in which your home is built, as mentioned previously. These are the stepping stones for living and enjoying long term savings within your sustainable home design. You no longer have to waste energy and money. Save continuous money by opting for an energy efficient home.


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