April 8

Energy Efficient Uses For Your Home

Energy efficiency should begin with sustainable design, but it shouldn’t end there. Since you’re opting for an energy efficient design for your home, you’ll likely enjoy the phenomenal savings that you’ll receive by living this way. In addition, you could even further your savings by opting for certain technologies that aren’t only Eco friendly, but also effective and reasonable. You don’t have to opt for some weird tech gadgets to bank a few more bucks. Instead, by simply adjusting or choosing an alternative for the things that can be found in all homes will provide a lower amount on your bills, and a higher amount in your savings account.

Consider Your Thermostat

Did you know that it’s estimated that 30% of the average home’s energy bill is made up of climate control? Simply opting for a thermostat that allows you to program your climate schedule is one of the easiest ways to reduce such costs. These thermostats allow you to do things such as turning off the air conditioning while no one is home, and to turn it on an hour prior to returning home for the day. This is only one of the amazing examples that programmable thermostats can cater to your desire to lower your energy use and bills. With today’s technology, you can also find a variety of systems that come with apps which allow you to adjust your home’s climate no matter where you are.

Consider Your Lightbulbs

This is probably one of the very first and most popular energy efficient items to be added into homes around the world, and for good reason. Opting for light bulbs that simply use less energy, while providing the exact same results as the ordinary lightbulbs doesn’t really need an explanation. It’s common sense. Why would you be using more energy and raising your energy bill when you could have the same results, with less the price?

Consider Your Appliances

Some of the most un-efficient parts of your home are the ones you use on a daily basis. Your stove, washer and dryer and even your toilet now come with options to be more energy efficient or environmentally friendly, and since you’re using them so often, it’s an investment that you should certainly make that will pay off in the end. When your major appliances aren’t energy efficient, you can only imagine how much money you could be saving, and the importance of making the switch over.

Energy efficiency shouldn’t end in the sustainable design of your home. You could be continuing your savings by opting for Eco friendly devices within your home that will allow you to further thrive on this quality way of living.


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