April 5

Every Day Uses Can Now Be Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency for your home doesn’t have to end at the way in which it is built. If you’re opting for an energy efficient design for your home, you might as well continue on the savings that you’ll be pocketing by opting for some of the best energy efficient home decor items that won’t only add style to your home, but that will also promote, as mentioned, additional ways for you to save on your bills and an Eco friendly way of living. You probably aren’t even aware that some of your every day things are sucking the power right out of your pocket. Here are some unique high tech gadgets to swap into your home so you can get rid of the version that is eating away at your energy use and hip pocket.

Window Chargers are becoming the next sensation of Eco friendly devices. These devices stick to your window and use solar power to charge your favorite tech gadgets, such as your Smartphone, tablet, and even iPods. You no longer have to spend your money on charging your devices. You can simply use the sun. Since you probably charge your phone at least once a day, imagine how much money you could be saving.

Water Alarm Clocks aren’t only practical, but they are stylish and extremely cool. All you do is fill your alarm clock (Not just any alarm clock!) with water, and the device uses it as a source of power. All you have to do is make sure there is water in it, and you’ll rest easy knowing that you aren’t wasting away power, and that you’ll also be waking up creatively each day. You use an alarm clock every day, so might as well save money while doing so.

Water Tap Sockets are extremely unique and allow you to literally turn off the power from your outlets without having to unplug all of your devices. No one is going to unplug their television, radio, chargers and such when they aren’t in use. So the Water Tap Socket allows you to turn it off, just as you would with a water tap. Energy efficiency can also be provided within your home decor. Insulated curtains allow you to keep the temperature within your home, and with auto-timers being made for every device you could possibly imagine, such as your lights, television, thermostat and so much more, you can program your devices to shut off when they aren’t in use. After all, why would you spend the money on the energy these devices use even when they aren’t in use? Gone are the days where you need massive solar panels lining the walls of your home. Advanced technology now allows you to use your favourite tech devices within your home, without having to spend money on the energy it takes to power such things. In addition to special Eco friendly tech gadgets, opting for contemporary homes & designs that are built for sustainable living will allow you to pocket more money while deterring the waste of energy.


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