Heritage Home Extensions Services Melbourne, VIC

Want to expand your heritage home without over capitalising?

Upgrade your heritage house with modern extensions with our heritage home extension services in line with local regulations and architectural flair.

Know More About Heritage Home Extensions Services

Heritage homes are treasures we go to great lengths to preserve. This can make it challenging to add extensions or additions without detracting from their status and style.

This doesn’t mean that you should settle for what you have, though. When you have the right heritage home extension support and services, you can expand and add value to your residence while retaining its elegance, class and style.

The key to achieving the right effect and finish comes down to working with a design and development team that has the right experience and skills.

RNB Design Solutions, we work with you to create heritage home extensions that upgrade how you live while preserving your home’s cultural value.

Heritage home extensions we’ve been part of

Coppin Street, East Malvern

Heritage home extensions that add value to your property

We understand that there are several requirements and regulations concerning heritage home additions. Our team is not just experienced in this area but we also have the skills to help you achieve your vision while retaining your cultural status.
Across various layout and massing considerations, here’s how we help you add value to your heritage home.

Other services we provide

If you require more end-to-end support, we provide a range of other services including property development. Explore our other offerings below.

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