August 6

Why hire a town planning consultant when developing your commercial property?

Developing a new commercial property is a massive undertaking. In addition to being bigger and more sophisticated than residential buildings, commercial properties require thorough planning and careful funding to ensure that, when completed, they meet existing needs and requirements.

Today, one of the more challenging parts of the commercial property development process is town planning. This involves the strategic planning of land use for each building while ensuring its accessibility and convenience for the people who use each space. 

This process also entails securing approval from your local town council.

The complete process can be a little complex, especially when you don’t have much experience in the field. That’s why for most people, hiring a town planning consultant is a stress-free option for commercial projects.

Expert guidance and knowledge of the process

Unless you’re well versed in the town planning process, you may have a tough time getting the relevant approval and completing your project on your planned timeline.

Town planning consultants, on the other hand, are highly experienced and knowledgeable about this process and know exactly what needs to be done.

Often, they work with contractors to get the relevant technical information for your project and town planning application. Their knowledge of different zonal requirements and permits, including legal constraints on construction workers and building designs, can also add immense value to your application. 

With their experience in this field, it’s also likely that they may have connections with site surveyors who can help you plan out your project.

In this process, it’s good to keep in mind that town planning is not set in stone; the process can and will change based on the most updated policies and laws. 

When you have a town planner on your side, they’re always up to date on these changes.

A smooth and stress-free approval process 

Getting town planning approval can be a daunting task for any commercial project, especially since there’s a lot of information and documentation that needs to be organised.

There also may be several restrictions your project needs to comply with, like the distance between your commercial property and neighbouring properties and the building plot ratio

Local town councils may also have many conditions that vary with each locality; regardless, a failure to meet these requirements can result in your application being rejected. 

Enlisting a town planning consultant can help you ensure your design meets certain specifications and also help you address any gaps or shortcomings in your compliance in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Additionally, town planners are aware of the inner workings of planning committees and the kind of language expected in the application—this allows them to put together high-quality town planning requests.

Cost-effective and time-saving support

In the town planning process, even a small error could lead to costly delays and a ton of other inconveniences. 

Mistakes could not only cost you your town planning approval but also result in you having to start the application process or your entire project from scratch, costing you an exorbitant amount of money.

A town planner will help you rectify potential problems early on in your planning process and their advice can help you plan out the project with adherence to all the relevant standards and policies; this will help you ensure your project is on the right track from the get-go.

Consult a town planning consultant for a smoother commercial building project

With the help of an experienced town planning consultant, your building design project can progress significantly quicker and in a more cost-effective way.

Plan your commercial building project with all the right support and ensure the entire value of your investment is reflected in your completed space. 


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