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Home design ideas that can increase your productivity when you work from home

As soon as the pandemic began and till now, many Australians are working from home. A recent study even showed that about 70% of Australians who worked from home during the lockdown want to continue doing so in the future. 

While there’s a clear preference for this kind of setup, WFH does come with its limitations and distractions.

To counter this, designing the ideal workspace in your home can be a good move; that said, it’s not necessarily the most straightforward project if you don’t know which elements to include. 

If you’re building a new home and WFH is in the cards for you in the long run, here are a few home design ideas that can maximise your productivity, focus, and motivation when you sit down at your workstation every day.

Create a dedicated space for your work

Most people work from their bedrooms or living rooms when they work from home. 

While this is convenient, it can have a significant impact on your productivity when the rest of your household wakes up or there’s a lot happening, visually, in your environment.

Even at home, you need a space that is specifically designed for you to work in, away from the distractions.

The solution to this is to create an exclusive space in your home, for work and work alone. 

While allocating space for an entirely separate room is sometimes a drastic and expensive option, sectioning off and creating a small space using glass walls or a partition is much more affordable and is just as effective.

Consider creating this kind of office space next to a window for greater ventilation and plenty of sunlight that can boost your mood and productivity. 

Soundproof the walls

Working from home could mean having to put up with a lot of distractions.

Loud or ambient noises can make it difficult to get work done; it’s believed that even overhearing a conversation could reduce your productivity by 66%.

To create a quiet workspace, consider soundproofing your space by adding a layer of insulation to your walls. Ideally, sustainable materials like wool or plant fibres can be layered into them to help absorb or reduce noise.

For additional soundproofing, you can also install soundproof windows. These windows generally have two thick glass panels with air between them to trap noise. 

Install large windows

Large, expansive windows can make any home look good, and they can also help you create a productive workstation.

Interestingly, studies have shown that natural light can potentially increase output at work up to 40%. 

Working on a computer all day can strain your eyes and can slow you down, but natural light in your workstation can create a more energising and pleasant environment. 

Having large windows can also make your space feel larger. If your home office is small, bigger windows can make it feel far less claustrophobic and enhance your creativity and productivity.

Install a vertical garden

One of the more sustainable home design ideas, vertical gardens are often soilless gardens grown on interior walls. 

When made part of your workspace, they can create feelings of calmness and serenity. They also clean the air and reduce ambient noise and temperature. 

Homes with vertical gardens, in fact, require less than 33% of air conditioning, helping you slash your electricity costs too.

Studies also show that plants can increase your efficiency especially when it comes to decision-making during complex tasks. 

Leverage the right home design ideas for a space that’s built for a future of remote working

Working from home gives you the chance to create a work environment that encourages, energises, and motivates you. With a few design choices, you can make a workstation at home that rivals a standard office.

To put your vision to work, seek out building design services to make the right additions to your existing space or design one from scratch.


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