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How can 3D modelling services improve your home design project?

Designing a home can be a very long and complicated process.

Creating a design that meets your needs and fits with the current housing trends in your locality is not usually the most straightforward process and if you don’t have experience in this field, there may be plenty of trial and error along the way.

Drawing up a 2D design of your home is the first step to getting your project started, but there’s only so much a two-dimensional version of your dream home can show you—it can only give you a surface-level idea of what your project could look like.

Fortunately, there is a more insightful and modern approach accessible to home designers, and that’s 3D modelling services.

3D home design services are one of the latest trends for home designing today, and in this post, we take a look at how it works and how it can improve your home design project.

How does it work?

3D modelling services are now available for a wide range of applications. Despite being used extensively in the medical and entertainment industry in the past, it has now cemented its place in building design as well.

This kind of modelling involves using three-dimensional computer-generated polygons to create shapes; today, it’s used in home design to create a computer-generated model of your home.

Bringing your design to life is easier

The ideas we can present using a 2D design are limited and because of this, you may not be able to apply your ideas to your plans the way you want to.

With 3D modelling, you can project the very same ideas you have in mind into a 3D visualisation of your home and see how it fits in a real-world setting.

Everything from the shape of the walls, the size of the door frames, the look of curved surfaces (which are difficult to visualise in 2D), and the proportions of your space can be designed accurately to meet your needs, and you can even get an idea of how your home will complement its surrounding landscape.

Additionally, 3D design software can calculate and make adjustments immediately with just the click of a mouse. This is very helpful when you want to decide how certain aspects of your home, like windows, doors and stairs will fit into the overall design.

You also won’t need to look at several documents, like floor, elevation and site plans, when creating your design; everything can be presented in a single 3D model for your convenience.

Problems are easier to pinpoint

Since 2D designs only offer a single perspective, major flaws that may lay hidden in your design can go unnoticed. 

What’s worse, you may find out about these issues far down the line, leading to hefty redesigns that are both time-consuming and costly.

Certain problems like the interior design of your rooms and the placement of fixtures that don’t complement the rest of your aesthetic are hard to notice in 2D form.

3D models can be rotated and viewed from every angle, and this can help you and the 3D designers spot potential problems early on.

Moreover, thanks to lighting effects in 3D modelling software, you can even see the angles at which sunlight hits your home and this may help you avoid issues like a lack of natural light in your space.

Take a walk in your home before it’s even built

When you rely on a 2D design, you won’t truly know how your home’s interior and exterior will look and feel until you get the finished product.

3D modelling can give you a full and detailed version of your home that you can explore. You can essentially “walk” through your space and get an idea of what it would look like and see if it’s everything you wanted and more.

The model will also allow you to see how your home’s interior will look with furniture and how the surrounding environment will complement its overall look—you can experiment with the 3D model until you get a design that’s perfect for you.

3D modelling services—home design made simple

Every home is special and that’s why designing residential spaces requires a lot of heart and effort put into it. With technology like 3D modelling, this process has never been easier.

To bring the home of your dreams to life, 3D modelling is the way to go.


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