March 30

Imperative Factors To Sustainable Design In Melbourne

Living in an environmentally friendly home is quickly on the rise with it’s popularity growing well beyond just average, typical homes. There are many reasons for this. The most prominent are the rising cost of living & the savings which can be made from utilizing an environmentally friendly design & the introduction of energy efficient building standards into the Building Code of Australia. People are now looking towards an intelligent, responsible and livable lifestyle that is no longer bound by the old ideas about the way living should be. The current living criteria placing emphasis on being environmentally responsible is crucial, for not only when the owner builder or home owner start their project, but for the future as well. There are many factors to consider when designing an environmentally friendly & sustainable home. This article looks at some important design issues when designing a energy efficient & environmentally friendly home. It will also give you a few pointers to help you strive towards a building design that improves the way of living, while ensuring comfort, functionality and convenience for the owner builder or new homeowner. Below are some of the key factors that should be considered when moving forward with sustainable design in Melbourne.

 Selection Of Location

In order to thoroughly benefit from a sustainable design in Melbourne, you need to be content with the area you will be building in. This will be the new location of the home so it will be important to take into account the surrounding environment & how the project is orientated predominantly towards the sun as well as prevailing winds. The location & orientation will also thoroughly influence the energy consumption, use of transportation, home design and construction material of the area, as you put those building design & drafting services into action, and well after as well. Having the location in line with the principles of the environmentally friendly home is also an important factor as the sustainable design will have an influence on the people and environment of that area.

 Reduce Operating Cost By Taking Advantage Of Renewable Resources Of Energy

Since Melbourne is a place known for a rather high cost of living, it’s imperative that the owner builder, consider using the renewable resources available in order to generate energy that will also help reduce the operating cost in future. If the building design & drafting services, are undertaken with green principles in mind, the home will ultimately have lower operating costs. This can be achieved by having the building designer take advantage of the sunlight to decrease the home’s lighting bill, while turning that exact sunlight into energy through solar power. This is a form of renewable resources that will make a home environmentally friendly, at no inconvenience to the home owner. In fact, the homeowner will be able to do nothing other than enjoy all the benefits of a environmentally friendly home, all achieved by opting for sustainable design which provides a lower cost of living by utilizing the natural sunlight to assist in heating, lighting, electrical devices and other purposes efficiently.

The Quality Of Air Should Be Improved In Home Interior Environment For The Better Health

Another imperative factor for a owner builder to consider for sustainable design in Melbourne is the air quality. Of course, the owner builder would want nothing but the best for both their home and health, so having the building designer create a thorough ventilation system that avoids moisture build up, while providing clean air that can be adjusted in temperature is absolutely imperative to sustainable design in Melbourne. Since the air quality and temperature will directly impact one’s health, the level of comfort, and the quality within the home’s interior, the owner builder should seriously consider the guidelines and advice provided from the building designer regarding heat control measures, better ventilation facility and to make the overall surrounding comfortable.

Incorporate Recycled Techniques For Green Homes

If the owner builder is building the home by demolishing the already existing structure, the material gathered from the old home can be recycled and used for the construction of new sustainable design in Melbourne in a much greener way. By doing so, the cost of construction will be drastically lowered, and wastage will also be reduced. Building designers are the best source when deciding how to make use of the recycled construction material in the best possible way, in order to construct the environmentally friendly home that is desired.


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