What do you specialize in?

We specialize in four key areas: townhouse designs, duplex designs, dual occupancy and multi-unit plans. If you are looking to maximum the potential for development of your property or looking for more opportunities in your area, we can help. Our goals are simple: to give you a functional, practical design that you’ll feel good about investing in. We’re all about maximizing space and efficiency of the structure & layout of the design without leaving behind aesthetics.

What are building designers and their importance?

Great question! A building designer is a person who designs buildings (or parts of buildings). Since the design is the single most important element in creating a new building, whether it be a residential or non-residential building, we place incredible emphasis in only offering you the best building design service. Building Design is a complex task that is best entrusted to a professional. It is not simply a matter of ‘drawing a set of plans’. Every building project is unique and has its own complexities. It is the task of the Building Designer to understand the complexities, and maximize the possibilities of the site.

Building Designers are required to be registered with the Building Practitioners Board, in accordance with the Victorian Building Act 1993. Part of the registration requirement is to have in place professional indemnity insurance to the minimum amount of $1million. All building designers are registered under the category of Draftsperson, Class of Building Design (Architectural). Further information about the registration process is available at

In accordance with the Building Act, registered building practitioners are required to adhere to certain professional standards, including performing their work in a competent manner, and to a professional standard.

Building design requirements can be varied and extensive or, in some cases, quite straightforward, and we are enthused to work towards making your project a reality.

What is the RNB Design Solutions process?

All the following services can be offered as part of your design service and will be included in the written Engagement Agreement under the scope of works as selected by the client.

  • We first communicate and interpret your brief to be able to prepare and develop a sketch plan for your consideration.
  • Once we have received your approval, the building designer prepares detailed architectural drawings and documentation, showing internal and external layouts of the building.
  • We then analyse the design, and prepare preliminary sketches and detailed instructions.
  • We prepare working drawings showing; plans, elevations, sections, materials and finishes, as well as other aspects such as layouts, plumbing, drainage, car parking and landscaping.
  • The building specifications for building plans for the project are then prepared.
  • Liaises with relevant consultants (engineers, building surveyors, planning professionals etc) is conducted to ensure all aspects required for the project are adequately addressed.
  • We examine relevant codes and local council bylaws in the course of undertaking project documentation.

What are the services not included?

  • Calculation of the quantity and quality of materials required for the projects, as well as material and labour costs and project completion dates.
  • Visits to building sites to make sure that the plans and specifications for that project are being followed.
  • Liaise with quantity surveyors to ensure all aspects required for the project are adequately addressed.

What is our mission?

At RNB Design Solutions, we see things from your point of view and we have put many years of practical design experience into taking and shaping your brief to a final concept.

We strive to provide value for your money, and this is our key objective to meet your requirements.

Here at RNB Design Solutions, we can produce designs for your residential or commercial project from a brief or a sketch you have prepared, or an idea you have in mind. So you really can make that dream a reality with no extra work to do yourself.

What are the stages of potential services offered and the overall design process?

To enable a clearer understanding of the various services offered and processes followed, we have created the following summary to identify the relevant scope of works that can be undertaken by RNB Design Solutions.


Preliminary Design Consultation

Often includes a detailed project briefing in the Building Designer’s office, or at your office or home to assess your projects needs, and provide advice on various options including discussion of possible future plans, resale, etc. Preliminary layout sketches may be produced. The intent of this briefing is to assess available options so a value judgement can be made for further detailed development.

Site Feature Survey (this is not a Licensed Survey)

We then carry out feature and levels survey of the building site including noting of features such as fences, large trees, drainage, pits, adjacent properties, views, local features, etc. A ‘re-establishment survey’ might be required to re-peg the site boundaries (if required, this needs to be carried out by a Licensed Surveyor at extra cost). In some cases a Licensed Survey is a mandatory requirement of a Council.

Detailed Site Measures and Preparation of Existing Conditions Plan

This pertains to existing buildings requiring alterations or additions and involves documenting the state of existing works prior to any alterations or additions.

Feasibility Study

In some cases, we may prepare feasibility studies for proposed projects involving analysis of design options, scope of works and likely costs based on historical data.

Preliminary Design Development

This role incorporates co-ordinating a design brief from the client and preparing preliminary concept sketches suitable for subsequent detailed development. Often included at this time is an assessment of options designed to analyse various benefits & long-term aims. Where required, discussions with neighbours or other interested parties may be reviewed.

Planning Application Drawings

Where required by Council or by Codes, after approval of concept design, the preparation of presentation drawings for planning application purposes. The drawings describe for planning application purposes the scope of works and relevant visible finishes and site conditions.

Planning Submissions to Council and Carrying Out Required Advertising

We prepare site context plans and design response plans for the purposes of making application for a planning permit. Where required by Council, lodge the relevant application forms, plans and/or letter of explanation as may be necessary. Upon request by Council, erect site signs and carry out any other activities necessary to complete the statutory advertising requirements (if not carried out by the Council)

Design Development

An advanced stage of the Feasibility Study referred to above where a design concept may be reviewed, modified and developed to finally refine a concept to include the best available features and also to ensure that the ultimate working drawings will be consistent with the planning drawings and permit requirements.

Working Drawings

The preparation of working drawings to define basic structural aspects and many requirements of finish deemed to comply with the provisions of the Building Code of Australia. The drawings provide details of all doors, windows, roof construction, dimensions, site works and also detail specific connections or construction techniques.

Internal Details – Amenities/Wet Areas

The preparation of detailed drawings of layout, elevations, finishes, etc showing built-in cupboards, fittings, extent of wall-tiling, wall mirrors, etc for all wet areas, i.e., kitchen, bathroom, laundry. The intention with these drawings can be given to relevant trades to assist with costing estimates and to clarify details of finish. In many cases, accessories, power points and lighting can be located.

Electrical Plan

Liaising with you, our client, to produce a comprehensive layout plan of lighting and power points. Incorporate requirements for switching, dimmer switches, security lighting, general and/or purpose lighting.

Building Thermal Performance Assessments

Conduct thermal performance assessments of buildings (often referred to as Energy Ratings), which aim to ensure your project is thermally efficient and environmentally sustainable, as well as ensuring your project complies with any environmental regulations that may apply.

Project Specification and Schedule of Finishes

A descriptive specification providing a defined basis for builders to prepare their fixed price quotation. The specification describes the standards of workmanship and includes details of fittings, finishes and materials to be used.

Lodge Building Permits and Liaise with Building Surveyors

Prepare application forms, co-ordinate all relevant documents and lodge with the appointed building surveyor. In some cases, liaison with the building surveyor will be required prior to completion of working drawings.

Drainage Design

May be included on some projects or alternatively a civil engineer may be engaged.

Engagement of Consultants

Some projects require the engagement of external consultants to carry out specialist works on behalf of the client, eg. structural engineer, landscape designer, interior designer, building surveyor, town planner to name a few. Client’s authority should be obtained prior to instructing such consultants.

Assessment of Compliance Reports

We can assist with the assessment of the numerous compliance reports often required by regulatory authorities and obtaining reports/schedules demonstrating compliance with the various regulations and codes affecting the building and construction industry.

Artistic/Graphic Presentation

RNB Design Solutions have skills or capacities to offer artistic representations of the project. This is particularly helpful for marketing purposes and in assisting to visualize the project concept in three-dimensional form, eg, perspectives, 3D CAD images, walk-throughs.

Why do you place emphasis on energy efficient buildings?

With many Australians now becoming more environmentally aware, good design now goes arm-in-arm with environmentally friendly design. There are a vast array of innovative ‘green’ products now available that can assist to reduce your project’s environmental ‘footprint’ and to minimize the running costs of your project, and many building designers can provide advice about such ‘green’ products to ensure your project is energy efficient, resulting in a healthy living or working environment.

Why should I use your services?

At RNB Design Solutions, we continually upgrade our skills and knowledge by participation in the BDAV’s structured Continuing Professional Development Program. By virtue of being a member of the Building Designers Association of Victoria, RNB Design Solutions demonstrates a genuine desire to further the interests of the design sector, and to actively contribute to the well being of the design profession, both in terms of its status and credibility, particularly in the eyes of consumers.

We are experienced experts! At RNB Design Solutions, we are professionals who offer a broad range of experience and expertise to meet your needs. We have state-of-the-art tools at our disposal to assist you to visualize your concept. We use computer-aided-design (CAD) software & 3D software that can assist in the visualization process.

We also offer practical, individual or traditional designs to suit your specific needs. Our skills cover residential, commercial, industrial and institutional projects including apartments, unit developments, medium-density, restoration, renovation or extension work.

Certainly, we have the expertise, knowledge and experience to complete your project well beyond your expectations. and some of the other advantages you will receive from RNB Design Solutions includes;

  • Preliminary Design Services and Preparation of Brief
  • Site Analysis Services
  • Preliminary Design Development
  • Planning Applications and Submissions
  • Town Planning Permit Applications
  • Design Development and Working Drawings
  • Updated Knowledge of Industry Issues, Trends, and Regulations
  • Realistic Fees
  • RNB Design Solutions fees are realistic, and are tailored to meet your budget.

(Professional Services depend upon your specific needs)

What products shall I receive as parts of RNB Design Solutions service?

Sketch Stage:

  • Complimentary 3d representations of your proposed project @ concept / sketch stage
  • Floor Plans & Elevations showing proposed building forms
  • Town Planning Stage: (if required as part of your project)
  • Site Context plan or Site plan
  • Floor Plan Showing relevant information required for submission to relevant authority
  • Elevations
  • 3d presentations
Working Drawings/Building Permit Stage:
  • Site Plan
  • Floor Plan
  • Elevations
  • Sections
  • Details
  • 3d presentation images
  • Any further information that may be required as part of your building permit application
  • CD with all design PDF’s, Consultants works & files regarding your project & property
  • Folio Containing all the above listed works for easy storage use & transportation.
Should you require any further information or products such as 3D imagery or models for example sketch up. Please inform us & we will be happy to add this service as an additional extra to your agreed design brief.