March 29

Local Community And Economic Benefits Of Higher Density Housing

Melbourne has certainly taken a turn towards the direction of a higher density living environment. In fact, some pictures of Melbourne will have you believing that the photograph is out of focus and pixilated, but what you’re actually looking at is the high rise condo buildings of Melbourne that have been built so closely together that your neighbor is also your backyard. Although it may not seem like your ultimate situation for living, there are plenty of benefits that come from higher density housing that both the local community and economy can gain from.

In order to thoroughly understand the benefits that come from higher density housing, you must understand what the term means. It’s used to describe any development outcome that brings in more houses on a property. For example, think high rise condominiums, or something as simple as building a new home on an average suburban property, directly behind an already-existing house along a street can be considered higher density. It’s simply getting more houses per land, and it typically takes up less land, or in other words, high density builds up or compactly as opposed to across.

Now that you understand what higher density housing means, you’ll be able to view the benefits that this development brings to the local community of Melbourne. Of course with higher density housing brings more living opportunities to Melbourne which immediately provides additional accommodation options available to those within the city, whether families are looking to downgrade to an empty nest home, or families want to relocate to the fabulous city of Melbourne. Such options may seem minimal, but they create a higher sense of community and personal satisfaction as one can live where they please, without having to settle because there is no other option.

Higher density housing also provides a great effect on the local economy as well. It’s certainly no surprise that with the more housing provided per land space, the bigger boost to the economy the city receives. This can produce a boost for the local jobs as there will be jobs created for construction as well as the market needed for new residents in that locality. These new higher density housing projects also create more options for people in the market to buy more affordable homes & to live within existing infrastructure.

Although higher density housing development programs may seem unrealistic at first glance, after viewing the benefits that come alongside these projects, you can certainly see how both the local community and the local economy greatly benefits. Higher density housing creates more opportunity for the local community looking for specific housing, while enticing others to relocate to certain areas of Melbourne because the city has housing available.


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