Get the lay of the land with our site measurements and existing conditions survey

We help you familiarise yourself with your site before you design your building. 

Choosing a site for your residential or commercial property is much more complex than many people imagine. It’s not only about the ideal location, but the size and features of your site that truly make up the value of your property.

The value of your site’s features is not easily ascertainable, however—especially not at first glance. 

That’s why you need site measurements and an existing conditions survey to help you take a look at elements like the slope, vegetation, size, contours, or any other existing structures on your site. 

When you know what you have in hand, it’s easier to make better building design and development decisions.

At RNB Design Solutions, we help you plot out your property from A-Z, beginning with site measurements and an existing conditions survey. Make the most of your site with our support.

Residential and commercial spaces that bring your vision to life

Understanding the value of your site and getting the lay of the land is the first crucial step to developing spaces you’re proud of.

Following that, you still require professional, expert-driven property design and development support that you can count on to execute your project. Here’s how we help you achieve this at RNB Design Solutions.

Get in touch to schedule site measurements and an existing conditions survey to determine the value of your site.

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