Environmentally Sustainable House Design Services

Is sustainability at the heart of how you live?

At RNB we help you to create an environmentally sustainable house designs. Create your living and working environments in line with leading sustainability standards in Australia.

Environmentally sustainable house designs for Australia

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While practising an eco-conscious lifestyle is important, if your home or office is not a space that supports your values, it’s a moot point.

Are the spaces you’re in healthy for you and the environment? Do they reflect green design and construction principles?

If your building design/development has hit a snag or hasn’t progressed because of sustainability design and development requirements, professional support can help you meet multiple objectives. 

At RNB Design Solutions, our team has experience designing sustainable spaces that help you tap into a more conscious, enriching lifestyle. 

Design a residential or commercial building that’s good for you and the environment. Making better decisions is easier when you have the right sustainable design support.

What matters most when you create sustainable spaces?

Sustainable design and construction demand a revolution in how we interact with our spaces and what we expect from them. At RNB Design Solutions, we make the following elements part of your plans:

  • Renewable energy consumption
  • Enhanced indoor air quality
  • Water protection and conservation
  • Maximized natural lighting 
  • Passive building design
  • Optimised building space and resource/material usage
  • Enhanced building resilience and adaptability
  • Best practices for sustainable property development
  • Eco-friendly construction material and techniques

Make sustainability the core of your life with eco-conscious living and working spaces. It takes one call.

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