Construction Tender Management

Overwhelmed by the thought of choosing your contractors?

We take the stress and hassle out of construction tender management for your building projects.

Construction Tender Management

Part of designing and developing a commercial property that meets specific needs has a lot to do with the mix of professionals you work with and the supplies you procure.
 Procurement has always, and will always, be a natural part of the design and construction industry.

What this means is that your project needs to be supported by various contractors, subcontractors and vendors.

Making sure you’re working with the right professionals, though, comes down to effective contractor management.

If this process is not managed properly or you don’t have the know-how to procure and work with vendors in this industry, your building projects can become a mammoth-sized resource-drainer.

That’s why when you choose to work with us at RNB Design Solutions, we make sure your project tender management process is smooth and effective.

We ensure you’re working with the right mix of contractors with the right systems and processes in place for project success.

Systematic tender management is at the heart of a successful procurement strategy for your building projects. At RNB Design Solutions, we have the experience and insights to manage this process.

What does our tender management process look like?

We understand that choosing who to work with on your building projects, and managing that entire process, can be daunting. With our contractor-related services, we take the hassle, stress, and pressure off your shoulders.

  • We orient your tender strategy in line with your design-build or design-bid-build project management model
  • We manage the prequalification process and field vendors suitable for your project
  • We give you your options and help you choose a tender procedure you’re comfortable with
  • We guide you through the process of inviting tenders (digital or otherwise)
  • We guide you through the mid-tender interview/information gathering stage
  • We work with you to evaluate tenders and proposals to choose the right contractors
  • We enter into negotiations on your behalf or support you in this process to finalise contracts
  • We work through the contract engrossment stage and come up with an agreement that meets your needs

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